New workshop with refugee students

For one week, six master 1 Journalism students and six students from the Refugee Training Programme collaborated in a workshop.

In terms of topics relating to daily life in Brussels, the workshop allowed the perspectives of students from a wide range of countries and professions to be explored. 

The formation of pairs (IHECS students/refugees students) and the goal of producing an article in a short period of time imposed a high work tempo coupled with a division of tasks. Each group proposed a topic and two forms of media with which to present it. This constraint was intended to introduce refugee students to different techniques (writing, interviewing, photography, audio and editing). The ambition of this workshop was also to enable students to understand, analyse, process, confront and prioritise topics; to put situations into perspective. Each pair created a final production on topics ranging from tourism in Brussels, the lives of the homeless, the terrorist attacks of 22nd March 2016, entrepreneurs and meat consumption, etc.

The workshop concluded with a collective "debriefing" session in order to share the lessons learned from the various experiences, illustrated by anecdotes related to the transition from refugee to journalist! Some of these articles will be published soon in the Bruxelles Bondy Blog

Article by Nordine Nabili

Exemple de production de l'atelier