Marrakesh: the executive master's programme in business communication is under way

Born of a fruitful collaboration between HEEC (Morocco) and IHECS Academy, the master's programme that debuted in mid-December in Marrakesh, offers the opportunity to learn the business or agency communications manager trade.

The opening of this industry will help meet a need in the labour market, but it will more importantly lead to the regular employment and promotions of young professionals in various business segments requiring the mastery and use of professional communications. Teaching is handled by Moroccan, Belgian, and foreign academics as well as renowned professionals in the field.


The objective is to train future graduates well-versed in management and communication techniques able to assimilate to the workplace with competence and confidence. In a world where companies  face ever-growing difficulties in promoting their brands, making sense of the bewildering array of communication methods and platforms, where constant shifts sap employee morale,   the need for professionals capable of developing clear and efficient strategies both inside and outside of the company is obvious.

Target audience for the training

Business communication training is intended for students who already have basic knowledge in the fields of communication, management, or marketing. It is also intended for anyone working in the business world who wishes to acquire specific training in the field of communications.

HEEC (School of Advanced Studies in Economics, Commerce, and Engineering)

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