The international scene is thriving!

With more and more students leaving for abroad, not less than 100 students welcomed this year and more and more collaborations, IHECS has become, over the years, a select partner on the international level.

In & Out

This academic year, IHECS has welcomed over one hundred students from all over the world. As regards the candidates that will leave next semester for one of the 75 partner destinations (39 in Europe, 5 in Flanders and 31 outside Europe), there are not less than 180 of them. Amongst the much sought after destinations there are two new  partners including Tokyo and Lima.

This semester IHECS is also supporting 60 students who have left for internships abroad in the scope of its 3 programmes:  Erasmus Europe, Hors Europe and Belgica.

As regards teaching staff

This year IHECS has also focussed on the mobility of members of staff with over 20 teachers having enjoyed or will enjoy Erasmus teaching or training mobility to Bucahrest, London, Paris, Milan, Tours, Carcassonne, Pérouse, Volda, ...

An immersion stay in Russia

For the fifth year in a row, the agreement signed with the State University of Lomonosov in Moscow has allowed 23 Master's in Press and Information students to study at the faculty of journalism for two weeks. From 11 to 24 April, they followed an international programme about journalism and its stakes in Russia. This included  a practical module and a theoretical module, media vists and meetings with journalists.

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