IHECS prospecting in Chile

Last month, our Director, Luc De Meyer, visited ten Chilean universities including four partner institutions, with the aim of establishing new collaborations.

Chile is a very popular destination for our students because it offers many possibilities in terms of exchanges and is home to renowned institutions. In addition, IHECS already has excellent relations with its Chilean partners and it is natural that the institution has decided to increase the number.

The purpose of this trip was therefore to conclude new student and faculty exchange agreements and to consider other types of partnerships such as sharing academic activities or working on joint media projects.

The 10 universities in Chile with which we currently have relations are as follows:

  • Universidad Alberto Hurtado – Santiago de Chile
  • Universidad Diego Portales – Santiago de Chile
  • Universidad de Chile – Santiago de Chile
  • Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins – Santiago de Chile
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso – Valparaíso
  • Universidad de Concepción – Concepción
  • Universidad de la Frontera – Temuco
  • Universidad Católica de Temuco - Temuco
  • Universidad Austral de Chile – Valdivia
  • Universidad La Serena – La Serena

Universidad Católica Temuco with the head of international department 

These ten destinations complement the dozen agreements we have elsewhere throughout Latin America. These exchanges are among those most requested by our students (in the top 20 preferred choices) and the experiences gained from the exchanges in recent years have proved that the quality of education provided by our partner universities in Latin America meets our requirements, while providing a particularly rewarding environment.

There is, however, a real imbalance between the number of Belgian students leaving for Latin America and the much smaller number of students hosted by IHECS. It is with this in mind that our institution seeks to enhance its offering, in particular by trying to find affordable housing that would allow students from Latin America to choose Brussels as their destination. *

This trip was made possible thanks to the support of the WBI.

Campus university of La Frontera in Temuco

* If you have solutions or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact our International Exchanges Office: margaux.burton@galilee.be