IHECS launches Ihecspreneurs

October 13th marked the beginning of the first phase of the Ihecspreneurs programme with students in ASCEP. This Friday, December 16th, they will draw up a report of this first step in their career path.

IHECSPRENEURS  in a few words

The  Ihecspreneurs project is an additional programme that offers a coherent and integrated process that allows students and IHECS Alumni to develop their entrepreneurial projects and to move towards starting their own business.

The different phases of the programme

  • Activity 1  : Entrepreneurial projects or 'IHECS Lab' (for students in Master 1 ASCEP - during the 1st Quadrimester)

Students are submerged in the real-life projects of future entrepreneurs. In this first step, they don't work on their own project yet, but rather with other entrepreneurs for whom they produce media content (crowdfunding, website, media strategy). The objective is to help them create a means of communication and promote their crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Activity 2 : Debriefing  of the 'IHECS Lab’ for the students in Master 1 ASCEP.
  • Activity 3 : Internship (for students in Master 2 IHECS and Alumni – between February and April 2017)

In Master 2, students have the opportunity to carry out an internship around their own start-up project.  During this period, they will receive support and be submerged in a stimulating entrepreneurial environment. This third activity primarily concerns students in Master 2, all sections combined with the IHECS, but it is also open to Alumni who would like to reorient their career path toward an entrepreneurial project. The internship lasts three months and allows them to work concretely on their own start-up project.

  • Activity 4 : Entrepreneurship Camp: "From a Business Plan to a real-life project"   (for students and alumni who have completed the internship (Activity 3) – to be organised in July or August 2017)

This weekend-long " Entrepreneurship Camp " is dedicated to finalizing a plan of action for creating a business.

  • Activity 5 : Mentorship (for IHECS Master 2 students and Alumni – date to be determined)

After graduation, students will have the opportunity to be coached by another IHECS Alumni, who will take on the role of Mentor to guide and advise them in their career path.  Beyond the mentorship, this is an opportunity to build a network while learning.

Finally, the ASBL Ihecs Alumni host an annual event for entrepreneurship with the goal of exchanging ideas and celebrating the success of the Ihecs!

Why is the Ihecspreneurs project offered starting at the ASCEP Master 1 level ?

Because the students in this department are preparing to work, for the most part, in the community sector - a sector that is clearly moving towards entrepreneurship, towards the development of cooperatives and a new economy. Students in this department are interested in change solutions, sustainability, citizenship, etc.

Project origins

The project is the joint response of Groupe One and Ihecs to the project " Accompanying to entrepreneurship ".

This custom project meets two of Groupe One's missions: stimulating entrepreneurship and accompanying students in the creation of sustainable businesses. Ihecs, on the other hand, already encourages and supports the entrepreneurial dynamic of numerous projects, but this collaboration offers the opportunity to encourage the passage from studying to graduation and to respond to a demand from students who want to learn more about entrepreneurship.

Meeting at the end of 2017 to learn more about the results of this ambitious project!