IHECS launches a programme of courses for refugees

Their names are Dramé, Yamolkhan, André, Assoumane, Jean-Marie, Bushra, Ali, Zakaria, Cheikh Abdou and Thierno Ibrahima and they will enrol at IHECS from 5th February as private students.

These are the 10 students enrolled in the programme specially devised for them and which will last for four months.

Specifically, this programme (one per quarter) is aimed at refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection. They will be able to pursue bachelor courses, FFL (French as a foreign language) courses (a programme delivered in English) and have access to the OLS for Refugees online programme (language support programme set up by the European Union as part of Erasmus+).

Candidates are not required to have the equivalent of a diploma or even a diploma as long as they have the motivation to enrol at IHECS.

These people, all too often labelled "refugees", rarely have the opportunity to assert their prior knowledge. Their status obscures all their other characteristics, including their skills. As a result, the jobs offered to them do not require any qualifications and do not generally match their profiles. IHECS intends to use this programme to give with an opportunity to improve their skills or acquire new knowledge. The purpose of the programme is to provide them with more resources to find jobs suited to them and to instil an interest in the field of communication. 

This programme forms the cornerstone of a wider integration of migrants: the goal is to integrate migrants into the IHECS community at a variety of levels. The next stage will take place at BBB, the journalistic platform of IHECS, where new students will be editors of content. In the near future, IHECS also aims to host some refugees as experts in courses or workshops.

The main objective of this migrant-oriented movement is to create a dynamic involving mutual giving: of knowledge, experience and culture.  

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