IHECS International launches the IHECSperience blog for international students

The International Exchanges Office is officially launching the IHECSperience blog. This represents an opportunity to highlight the IHECS adventure at the international level but also to guide students during their stay in Belgium at at IHECS.

IHECSperience.com, a compilation of stories about Belgium, practical information and culture

Although the blog’s primary goal is to highlight the adventure of participating on an international exchange at IHECS, it is also the ideal place to find information about Brussels and Belgium in general. There are articles on culture and life in Belgium, but also practical information on living, eating or sleeping in Brussels. The blog also provides a complete schedule of IHECS activities for school or university students, as well as the main cultural events in Brussels.

A project for and by students

The blog will examine the "IHECSperience" from a variety of perspectives. Although the articles are mostly written by the International Exchanges Office, the blog will also be powered by the international students themselves. Volunteers will form writing teams and will recount their Brussels experiences using different formats.

An idea for an article?

If you are organising events or activities that you think are interesting for our international students and you would like these to be included in our schedule, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Anne-Cécile Voisin (annececile.voisin@galilee.be). And if you wish to highlight an activity, the International Exchanges Office is always on the lookout for interesting topics for its articles.

You too can experience the adventure at www.ihecsperience.com