IHECS Corner on La Trois

Don't miss our budding journalists' reports on 9 and 16 October!

The young journalists' magazine is returning to La Trois with two programmes. Over the course of these two programmes, you will find six reports in which students take on subjects that are not necessarily in the news today but are worthy of attention! Each film will be the topic of a casual discussion among Caroline Veyt and the young authors.

Two evenings definitely not to be missed on Monday, 9 October at 9:15 PM and Monday, 16 October at 9:15 PM! 

In the first programme on 9 October, learn about a rather widespread but little known allergy: electromagnetic hypersensitivity, a real problem given its ubiquity in our society! Then, you can watch a report on the role of technology in sport. Here we follow the daily routine of professional cyclist Gaëtan Pons. To round out the evening, we head to Rio to analyze the money pit that is the Olympic Games.

Rising waters around the world, especially in Louisiana, will be covered in brief during the second programme on Monday, 16 October. You will then learn about the critical issue of water scarcity in Jordan. Finally, the film "Metro, Job, Heroes" will transport you to the United States to catch up with real-life superheroes who strive to help their fellow citizens.

Completed in groups as part of the media dissertation which is the final study project at IHECS, these productions are supervised by media professors and professionals. This is not just about producing a report, but thinking through a journalistic project in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner. Including financing.

Scheduled for Monday, 9 October

1. "Hell is Waves" by Maxime Delrue, Emilie Eickhoff, Arthur Lejeune, and Rodrigue Jamin.

2. "High-tech Sport: More Tech Less Sport?" by Lorenz Blanco, Maxime Dôme, Florine Lorquet, and Guillaume Van Oortegem.

3. "Rio, Too Many Games?" by Simon Breem, Adrien Denis, Grégory Sacré, and Margaux Schild.

Scheduled for Monday, 16 October

1. "A State at Sea" by Capucine Chandon, Ruben Hamburger, Guillaume Mercier, and Fanny Van Muylder.

2. "Jordan, the Thirst for Blue Gold" by Djabril Bennafla, Sara Magniette, Alice Vandenbroucke, and Benjamin Vande Velde.

3. "Metro, Job, Heroes" by Robert Colard, Louise Hermant, Jimmy Nejman, and Juliette Stephenne.