Four Congolese journalists spend a term with IP students

From 8 November 2018 to 7 February 2019, IHECS is hosting four members of the team from the newspaper Le Souverain, based in Bukavu.

IHECS is hosting for the first time four members of the team from the newspaper Le Souverain. Thanks to support from ARES, Arlette Boroto, Daniella Mudahama, Egide Kitumaini and Georges Kitoka have been awarded an internship scholarship to participate in the academic activities of the Department of Journalism over the next three months.

The programme includes courses covering theory, practical workshops and participation in the Brussels Bondy Blog.

From left to the right : Arlette Boroto et Nordine Nabili, président de la section PI

Self-taught and passionate, these young journalists have learned their craft on the job, thanks to the support and experience of Solange Lusiku, who, despite the lack of journalism training available in South Kivu, harboured an ambition to make the independent press a democratic place of learning.

Following her sad death, two journalists from the team were appointed co-directors of the newspaper Souverains: Egide Kitumaini, currently enrolled on an internship at IHECS and Francois-Xavier Kasilembo.

IHECS hopes that the training offered to this young team will allow them to continue with the honourable work initiated by Solange!