European Day: 1st Edition

On 4th May, the IHECS International Exchanges Office collaborated with 5 other institutions of higher education to organise the inaugural edition of "European Day" for students who will embark on the Erasmus programme next year.

The event brought together more than 100 students who will be leaving for Erasmus next year.

Various activities were organised throughout the day. Conferences attended by international guests and a performance by the improvisation league made it possible to address numerous topics such as Europe and interculturality, but also to reflect on and discuss clichés and stereotypes related to different cultures. 

The day ended with a drinks reception where the students were able to share their experiences and articulate a modicum of apprehension relating to their impending departure for another country and a new university.

The IHECS International Exchanges Office organised this event in collaboration with EphecFransisco Ferrer, HELB, Haute École Condorcet and HE2B