Completion of the INsPIrE project

On Monday 3 December, the various European partners of the INsPIrE project will present the final results of their participatory journalism project.

Coordinated by IHECS, the INsPIrE project brings together thirteen other European partners, institutions of higher education in journalism and civil society organisations, to co-create a platform that allows for media expression by journalism students and young people experiencing social exclusion. Co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus + programme, INsPIrE aims to give voice to citizens who are generally underrepresented in mainstream media, to encourage transnational youth mobilisation and to enhance media pluralism in Europe.

This joint platform groups together the activities of participants throughout Europe, where all the photo, video, radio and article productions produced during the various INsPIrE activities are located.

The closing ceremony will be held on 3 December and represents an opportunity for project partners to present a methodological guide intended for all formal and informal education structures wishing to set up this kind of activity. This guide is accompanied by an academic publication and policy recommendations for European decision-makers on the importance of bringing higher formal education and informal education closer together in the fight against the inequalities experienced by young Europeans in the face of employment and the fight against the precarious situation of the young people of Europe.


Details of the ceremony


When? From 1600 to 1730 on Monday 3 December
Where? Schuman Square (tent on the Schuman roundabout)
Food and drink will be available to those attending

For more information: or
02 274 28 11