In the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, The Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC) in Rabat and IHECS sign a partnership agreement for a period of 5 years (2018-2022)

On Friday 6 July, the delegations of the two institutions met in Rabat to sign the second partnership agreement for a period of 5 years.

This collaboration forms part of the existing institutional partnerships and part of the work of the 5th session of theWallonia-Brussels/Kingdom of Morocco Permanent Joint Commission which arranged the programme of cooperation between the two parties.

The purpose of the agreement is to set out the terms of collaboration between ISIC and IHECS for future years and it is structured around five objectives:

  • promote exchanges on paedagogical processes applied in both institutions;
  • conduct a joint reflection on the future of journalism education, taking into account technological and practical developments in the use of information;
  • encourage and organise the participation of students of ISIC and IHECS in a common educational project;
  • promote the visit of teachers and the exchange of practices;
  • organise research in the field of media sociology and new information and communication technologies.

This is why several expertise and research missions are already scheduled over the next few months.

The two institutions have already agreed on the organisation of workshops in Rabat and in Brussels.  In Brussels, IHECS will host a dozen students from Rabat who will participate in a journalistic writing and investigation workshop and ISIC will do the same with a dozen "Brussels" students.

It is also planned to examine the possibilities with regard to developing continued education in Rabat. Two IHECS experts will visit in the next few months to look at the feasibility of organising continuing education modules to meet the demands of the profession.

As part of these agreements, IHECS is committed to promoting ISIC student internships in the French-language Belgian media. Starting this year, two ISIC journalism graduate students will be hosted by RTBF throughout August.

These students benefit from a WBI grant that funds accommodation and day-to-day necessities.

From left to right, Mr Benaissa ASLOUN, director of ISMAC, Mr Frédéric Moens, Mr Jean-François Raskin, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication, Mr Mohamed GHAZALI, Mr Abdelmajid Fadil, Director of ISIC

The delegation from IHECS comprised Jean-François Raskin, general manager, Frédéric Moens, director of studies and Ahmed Belalhoumi, in charge of relations with the countries of the Maghreb. ISIC was represented by its director, Professeur Abdelmajid FADIL in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication, Mr Mohamed Ghazali, the Secretary General of ISIC, Mr Mohamed Regregui, director of ISMAC (Institut supérieur des métiers de l’audiovisuel et de la communication) Mr Benaissa Asloun and the deputy director of ISIC, Mr Abdellatif Bensfia. The administration of WBI was represented by Ms Christel Schouweiler, Counsellor in the Rabat office.     

Collaboration with the Private University of Marrakech continues                                          

The delegation from IHECS has also continued the discussions launched a few months ago with the authorities of the Private University of Marrakech.

During a work meeting with Dr Mohamed Knidri, President of the University, on Saturday 7 July in Marrakech, the representatives from IHECS were able to share their opinions and proposals regarding the programme at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication that will begin in the next academic year and for which the University has received the approval of the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The meeting also allowed a list of the content and courses to be arranged by IHECS to be discussed.

Finally, following a continuous evaluation of training over the next three years, IHECS proposed to examine the extent to which undergraduate graduates in journalism in Marrakech could pursue a year of master’s studies in Brussels.