Being 20 years old ...

The inaugural photojournalism exhibition announced as part of the collaboration between IHECS and Lomonosov State University opened in Moscow on 18 June.

The exhibition "Being 20 years old ..." is the result of a collaboration between the Faculty of Journalism at Lomonosov State University and IHECS. This exhibition showcases a selection of 18 photojournalism works created by our students and those of Lomonosov State University that share a common theme: being 20 years old (in Moscow and in Brussels).

They chose to create portraits of a scientist, a baker, a journalist, an actress, a designer, a barber, a musician or a future priest ...  slices of their daily lives, allowing visitors the opportunity to perceive all those moments that make them happy or make them anxious, to see how they view themselves and the world, how they form relationships, their interests, their ideals and their dreams.

Exhibition curators: Thierry Maroit, Laurent Poma (IHECS), Oleg Bukoulin, Maria Romakina (Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov State University, Moscow)

The IHECS students who participated in the project: Cécile Joulia - Elise Gérard - Eva Seker - Guillaume Derclaye - Marion De Braekeleer - Martin Meyer - Pauline Perniaux - Victorine Barrales-Leal.

The exhibition’s special guests are the participants of the "Young Photographers of Russia" festival.