Being 20 in... Lima!

From 5 to 13 September, Laurent Poma and Thierry Maroit will be in Lima, Peru, as part of the "Being 20 in.." photojournalism workshops.

Having visited the Faculty of Journalism at the University of MOSCOW LOMONOSOV and the Faculty of Communication of the MOLDAVIAN STATE UNIVERSITY, our two photography professors, Laurent Poma and Thierry Maroit, continued their photojournalism workshop project on "Being 20 in…" at the UNIVERSIDAD SAN IGNACIO de LOYOLA in Lima, Peru, with the collaboration of Professor Renato MEZA.

The aim of this arrangement is to invite journalism students from around the world to address the concerns of their generation in the form of photographic portraits, through "mobile journalism". The various reports will be broadcast on Instagram in order to highlight the notion of community, to develop intercultural links and to participate in the mobilisation of contemporary educational practices.

You can follow the progress of the workshop on Instagram via the offical account "Being 20 In".

Several reorts from the collaboration between MOSCOW Lomonosov and IHECS are currently on display on the walls of Halles Saint Géry in downtown Brussels.



The project is supported by the International Dimension component of ERASMUS+.