Back from Chandigarh

Four of our lecturers were invited to India to teach for a week at Chitkara University, one of our partner universities. An extremely interesting experience, especially in terms of intercultural exchange.

Invited to represent the Institute for Higher Social Communication Studies (IHECS) at the Global Week of Chitkara University, Anne Van Marsenille Patrick Willemarck, Berdien Schepers and Jerry Vandevelde were welcomed warmly, along with a score of international lecturers.

On the programme: one week combining intensive courses, visits and discoveries of all kinds at this important private university (about 10,000 students) located in northern India.

Explore Festival

The experience concluded with a festival organised by students, the Explore Festival, during which our four travellers were able to attend thirty events.

Varying from a cooking show to a cricket tournament and including a very very pro fashion show, competitions of all kinds (traditional dance, cooking, "TED talk"), not to forget the evening concerts organised in partnership with MTV India and Coca-Cola (with a well-known Indian rock band on the first night and a Bollywood song idol on the second), we can say that the atmosphere on campus was remarkable and full of energy.

The event, whose remarkable organisation displayed real know-how about communications and media, was praised by our lecturers. who returned very satisfied from their trip despite difficulties due to cultural and academic differences.

In & out

Verika Sharma , a young Indian woman from Chitkara University, is currently enrolled in our English programme.

One of our students currently in the second year of the bachelor programme will leave for Chandigarh next term. A very promising start to a partnership that may prove to be very rewarding in terms of learning experience!