Anne Van Marsenille has earned the title of Doctor of Pedagogy at the Open University of Milton Keynes (England)

A language professor at the IHECS, Anne Van Marsenille travelled to Milton Keynes on 1 October to receive her doctorate in pedagogy stemming from her thesis on informal language learning outside of the academic environment.


In order to complete this thesis, Anne Van Marsenille has drawn from her students and other IHECS language professors so as to gather the maximum amount of data possible. The purpose of the research is to explore the various language learning methods used by students outside of the classroom setting. Students now have the benefit of a wide array of outside tools to assist them in acquiring new linguistic knowledge  : they are immersed in non-francophone music, they have the opportunity to attend conferences and performances, consult media, and view movies and television series, not to mention the many mobile applications at their disposal (dictionaries, courses, etc.). Based on the fact that these learning methods are not fully appreciated, Anne Van Marsenille wanted to build bridges between formal learning and informal learning and provide food for thought.

The results of this study suggest new methods and strategies for teaching languages to students. They also call professors to take a greater interest in their habits and motivations in this area and to realise the degree to which this informal pedagogy influences the language assimilation process. In so doing, language learning can be optimised both in and out of the classroom.


The adventure does not stop there for our language enthusiast.  Not only does she plan to become an affiliated member of the Open University's pedagogical research circle, which would offer her the chance to continue writing articles in her area of expertise, but she could also take the journey all over again, this time as a " Visiting Professor ". At the same time, Anne Van Marsenille is developing other projects including one in Russia at the University of Moscow, which involves student and professor exchanges.

Her thesis, which has been accepted into the prestigious " British Library " will be available for consultation at the IHECS library starting in November.