Academic year 2019-2020

On 16 September, the new first year students were welcomed by the management and coordinators of the different departments.

Our new first year recruits attended the traditional start to the academic year this morning. The aim was to give these new students, recent leavers from secondary school, essential information about the academic system, courses and life in general within IHECS, but also to welcome them to IHECS for the next five years of study.

Members of the management, the department coordinator and student representative all took turns to address the students:

  • Luc De Meyer, Director of IHECS
  • Frédéric Moens, Director of Studies,
  • Pascal Chabot, Coordinator of General Courses
  • Thierry Maroit, Coordinator of Media
  • Louis Ruffier d’Epenoux, President of CEHEG (Conseil Étudiant Haute École Galilée/Haute École Galilée Student Council),

Following this presentation, a drinks reception was planned at Loft58 to round off this welcome session.