Embrace it !

Our first year ASCEP Master students have embarked on the implementation phase of a workshop: Embrace it! The aim is to create a web platform and its content that focuses on the theme of Syrian refugees in Buenos Aires and Brussels.

To bring this project to realisation, IHECS is working in partnership with the Catholic University of Argentina (Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina/UCA), Da Vinci Primera Escuela De Arte Multimedial Buenos Aires and Diego Portales University of Santiago (Universidad Diego Portales/UDP) (Chile). The platform is being developed by Argentinian and Chilean students, and our ASCEP students are in charge of producing various content that will feed it.

Our students have begun ten weeks of work beginning with a three-day seminar given by two speakers: Zakaria Almoutlak, a Syrian journalist, and Feras Abo Dabboseh, holder of a Master’s degree in Political Science (ULB). They have discussed topics such as history, culture and the political system, not to mention the Syrian revolution, the main cause of the Syrian exodus throughout the world, something that our two speakers have experienced firsthand. At the end of these three days, our students started work to produce audiovisual content.

Miguel Massenio and Laurence Vincent in discussion with Argentinian students on Skype. 

Our students also met Miguel Massenio, project coordinator for Argentina, who came to IHECS to facilitate exchanges between Argentinian students and our students, especially via Skype, and by creating working groups on social networks.

Prior to this meeting at IHECS, Mélanie Lalieu, project coordinator for Belgium, had travelled to Argentina to meet up with partners and teachers and to work with the students involved in the project to ensure consistent cooperation in terms of building the platform according to the expectations of each participating school.

Finally, the main supervisors of the workshop are François Corbiau, a freelance journalist, and Laurence Vincent, a video assistant professor.

Save the date!

Visit us on 6 December 2019 to explore the platform and its content!

Miguel Massenio, Laurence Vincent, François Corbiau et les étudiants d'ASCEP 
To set up this project, IHECS received ad hoc support from Wallonie-Bruxelles-International, the "coLAB Programme", funded by the Council of Europe in association with the EU, as well as a subsidy from Erasmus+.International Dimension.